Our Story

Grandma Treesaw has long been making Teslin Tlingit style bannock for her friends and family all around the Yukon. Everyone who tried it was instantly hooked and has asked her to teach them so they can make their own at home. Teresa started hosting workshops to share her knowledge and culture with other Yukoners.

The word got out and soon people were asking her to cater their events. As more and more people got a taste of Grandma Treesaw’s bannock, the demand continued to grow. Teresa started selling premixed bags in 2014 to allow even more people to make their own delicious bannock at home.

Grandma Treesaw sees her bannock as a way to share, with the rest of the world, a piece of her cultural food. Everyone who has ever tasted fresh, hot bannock, wants to make their own. And now with the ready mixed bags, everyone can have a true taste of the Yukon!

Why Grandma Treesaw?

Growing up, Teresa’s Uncles called her Tree and as she got older her friends started to call her treesaw. As for the Grandma part? She became a grandma in 2000 and now has 7 more grandchildren, who love seeing her bannock mix in stores. They are very proud to say "That's my Grandma!"